User Guide for Anlan Crystal Diamond RF Beauty Instrument Pro

User Guide for Anlan Crystal Diamond RF Beauty Instrument Pro

Many fans have asked us how to correctly use the Anlan Crystal Diamond RF Beauty Instrument Pro. Actually, it's quite simple. Those who use this beauty instrument know that it boasts five comprehensive and powerful functional modes. Therefore, while understanding the usage method, it's also important to comprehend the functions and effects of these five modes. This will allow us to better rejuvenate our skin and achieve a fresh, radiant look.

Step 1: Clean - Deep Cleansing: Start the journey to pure skin.

First, we need to use the Clean mode. This mode uses positive ions to attract and remove deep-seated dirt from pores, and, combined with gentle vibrations, effectively eliminates surface and deep-seated impurities, oils, and makeup residues. Before using this mode, it is recommended to wet your face and apply an appropriate amount of facial cleanser. After cleansing, activate the beauty instrument for a second round of cleansing. You will find that, compared to traditional cleansing methods, it can clean pores more thoroughly, restoring your skin's original purity and radiance.

Step 2: Firm - RF: Activate Skin Collagen

 The third step is to start using our Firm RF mode. As is well known, RF can penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, making the skin firmer and more elastic. When using this mode, gently place the RF head of the beauty instrument on your face and operate according to the instructions in the manual. With regular use, you will notice your skin becoming finer and smoother, with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and sagging!

Step 3: Lift - Lifting: Sculpt a V-shaped Face Contour

After completing the RF step, we can use the Lift mode. These two modes don't have a fixed order; you can adjust their sequence based on your needs or use either mode individually. The Lift mode primarily uses microcurrents to help lift facial skin, sculpting a more defined and firm V-shaped face contour. When using this mode, glide the lifting head of the beauty instrument along your facial contours, maintaining appropriate pressure and speed. After a period of use, you will notice your facial lines becoming more refined, and any double chin gradually disappearing!

Step 4: Moist - Nourishment Infusion: Deliver Nutrients Deep into the Skin

Next, use the Moist Infusion mode. This mode effectively delivers the nutrients from your skincare products deep into the skin, enhancing its absorption capabilities. Before using this mode, apply an appropriate amount of serum or cream. Then, activate the infusion mode on the beauty instrument. You will notice that your skin absorbs the skincare products much faster, and your skin will become more hydrated and radiant!

Step 5: Cool - Ice Compress: Soothe and Calm, Lock in Moisture

 The final step is the Cool Ice Compress mode. After completing all the skincare steps, using the ice compress mode can help soothe and calm the skin while locking in surface moisture, keeping the skin hydrated for a longer period. The cooling sensation is refreshing and comfortable, making it especially suitable for use in summer or when your skin feels tired.