Tips on how to use a skin scrubber

Tips on how to use a skin scrubber

Recently, many friends have a lot of questions on how to take care of their skin better when they make a choice of skin scrubber.

ANLAN offers you some tips:

1: Can I use this device during pregnancy?

In order to offer a safe and natural environment for the little unborn baby. We suggest that no ultrasonic products during this period.

2. Can I wash the skin scrubber?

It depends. For the waterproof devices, you can wash the slide with water. If the device is not available for waterproof, then wipe it with a dry cloth to keep it clean.

3. Can I use the skin scrubber daily?

2~3 times one week. It is for deep cleansing and blackhead removal.

4. I noticed some scrubbers with EMS and some with LIFTT. Is there any difference there?

EMS is the microcurrent massage to reach the face-lift function. EMS refers to the function and lift is the result, so sometimes we use them for the same thing