Written review credit to @Sanne

Skincare is one of the most important parts of my routine, even more important than make-up. Skincare always goes first, because if your skin is not doing good, it will like your make-up even less. So, I like spending time taking care of my skin. Every morning and evening I apply my favourite products, and a few times a week I do just that little bit extra to really help my skin. Sometimes I like to use tools for that. Today I’ll be telling you about such a tool: the ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber. It’s a scrubbing device with four settings, which can help clean your skin and rejuvenate it. Want to know more? Then keep reading!

The packaging

The package arrived to me in about two weeks. Since it’s shipped internationally, it takes a little while. It arrived in an envelope, which really surprised me. The package was a lot smaller than I anticipated. It was packaged very well though, the two week shipping only resulted in a small dent in the corner of the box. The product itself is packaged in a lovely small box, which looks very modern. I really like the colours, it’s a great size, and it shows exactly what this product is meant to do. I like this packaging a lot.

The modes

The back of the box tells you all the specifics of this skin scrubber. It has four settings: Ultrasonic mode, Ion+ mode, Ion- mode and EMS mode. All of these have different purposes. The Ultrasonic mode is for a quick cleanse. It helps get the dirt out of your pores and make your skin ready to absorb your skincare products. You can use this mode daily. The ion+ mode is used to exfoliate your skin deeply. It induces the travel of ions out of your skin, which take all the deeply rooted dirt with them. So this is to really get all the dirt out of the depths of your pores. This mode can be used about twice a week, because you don’t want to over-exfoliate. The ion- mode does the exact opposite: it induces the travel of ions into your skin. These ions then take your skincare products with them to help absorb the products quicker. The EMS mode is made for skin rejuvenation. It gives pulses at an interval, which induces the production of collagen. This will help the skin get firmer and gets rid of wrinkles.

The contents

When you open the box you find four items. First of all, you’ll find the skin scrubber, of course. As an addition to this scrubber you’ll also find a manual, a charging cable and a travel bag. The travel bag comes in a cute mint colour and feels very nice. It easily holds the scrubber and the charging cable, so you’ll have everything you need with you if you need to go somewhere. It’s a very handy addition to the scrubber. The charging cable is just a simple micro-USB charger. The device takes about 2 hours to fully charge and it can be used continuously for 50 minutes. So if you use it for 5 minutes a day, you only have to charge it once every ten days.

The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

The scrubber itself looks very modern and nice. I chose the colour white, which has a bit of a pearlescent shine to it. The scrubber has a cap over the spatula, so you can keep it nice and clean when it’s put away. The scrubber lays very easily in the hand and it’s very light. It feels very easy to use. On the scrubber you’ll find a power-button and text that represents the four modes. When you turn it on, a red light will shine next to the mode that is currently being used. You can switch modes by pressing the power-button once. If you want to turn the device off, just hold the power-button for a few seconds. The device also turns off automatically after about five minutes.

The experience

I have, of course, tried out all the modes that this device offers. Let’s start with the first one: the ultrasonic mode. For this mode (and the ion+ mode) you have to keep your skin damp, so that’s what I did. Then you slowly move the spatula over your face, moving away from the centre of your face (as shown in the picture above). This mode really helped my skin to feel clean. I like to use this over my entire face every other evening to get rid of the last bits of dirt after cleansing my face.

The ion+ mode also requires your face to be damp while using. This is to prevent friction burns. I must say that the device does feel a bit hot on my skin sometimes, but that’s because of the many vibrations. Just keep your face damp and you won’t have any problem with it. I really enjoy this ion+ mode, because it gets rid of the gunk in my pores so well. I use this once a week on my T-zone to really clean my pores. I have a lot of texture in my T-zone, so this helps eliminate that quite well. It’s so gross, yet so satisfying to see the dirt being vibrated out of my pores.

I use the ion- mode multiple times a week after applying my serum and moisturizer, to help my skin absorb those. It’s really nice to kind of massage your face with this mode. It just feels nice on the skin and it feels like I’m getting some kind of facial done at a salon. It’s a nice experience.

The EMS mode is my least favourite mode. It gives vibrations in pulses, which doesn’t do well with my skin. On large parts of my face it gives a very stinging feeling and it sometimes even hurts. I also haven’t seen much improvement due to this mode, but that’s also because I don’t yet have wrinkles and such to get rid of. So I can’t really say much about this mode, other than that it’s my least favourite.