Anlan Facial Skin Scrubber - At Home Facial

Anlan Facial Skin Scrubber - At Home Facial

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I am all for self-care and making the most of every step of your beauty routine, why should we leave the indulgent moments for special occasions?

I've been testing out this at-home Facial Skin Scrubber device from a brand called ANLAN who, create at-home beauty devices - from hair removal to led light therapy and this Skin Scrubber which retails for $37.50 and comes in three colors - white (which I have), pink and black.

The ANLAN Facial Skin Scrubber device has 4 different settings; ion+ export which, helps to exfoliate the skin, ion- import, which helps skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin. Ultrasonic vibration to help remove the dirt from the skin easier and finally EMS microcurrent which helps to stimulate collagen production and make skin smoother - which, as I've hit the age of 25, is my go-to. I've been loving using the EMS microcurrent setting in the morning time, in upwards motions to wake up my skin and I find my Vitamin C daytime serum soaks in really nicely after using this device.

When you turn it on, it lets out a gentle vibration and feels so refreshing on the skin when used with the EMS setting on wet skin, I've actually had a facial on a skincare counter with a similar device before and loved it, so I'm so happy I can now indulge myself in the comfort of my own home!

I think in this crazy world we live in, it's important to make the most of everything so I will definitely continue to use this every morning to get ready for the day and help boost that plumping collagen in my skin! You can purchase the ANLAN Facial Skin Scrubber device here.

Do you use skincare devices in your beauty routine?

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