EMS LED Light Therapy Tool – Review

EMS LED Light Therapy Tool – Review

Written review credit to https://kayleighreviews.com/ @Kayleigh Williams

When Alan reached out to me & kindly offered for me to try one of their products, I instantly jumped at the chance to! I’ve had my eye on an LED light therapy tool for ages, so as soon as I browsed their website, I knew what I wanted to try out!

In case you’re unaware, LED lights can have an amazing impact on your skincare routine. It has increasingly become popular with aestheticians, offered as optional extras when clients receive facials etc. Now you can do it at home yourself! Some of the LED tools out there are extremely pricey – I’m looking at your Dr Dennis Gross – I will own you someday! What I liked about this is that it is still on the affordable side for the everyday person!

First, let’s go through what’s included in the box. So you get the tool – obviously. It also comes with this sweet stand for it so it can stay safe on your bedside table or in your bathroom. There’s also a notch at the back so you can plug in the charger that comes with it, so it can stay charging on its stand! My favorite thing that came with it is the Tiffany-blue microfibre style carry case for it! It looks a little like a sunglasses case – perfect for traveling to keep it safe & clean! & of course, the instructions manual. I’m glad it came with this – I sacked the instructions off at first, but there are so many different options & outcomes, I was soon referring back to it!

Let me give you a bit of info on LED lights & the benefits for your skin:

Red Light Therapy – can improve skin’s elasticity, prevents wrinkles & is great for those who want anti-aging benefits. It can repair sun damage, reduce the look of scarring & even encourage your skin to increase collagen production – did you know by the age of 40 you lose 1% collagen every year & only a 3% drop can be visible! *Rings botox lady*

Blue Light Therapy – this can improve skin texture, reduce oil production by causing the oil glands to shrink in size. It’s also anti-bacterial so will aid in the healing of inflammation, spots & help with acne.

Can you believe all these benefits from LED therapy?!

So this photo shows that there is a plastic ring around the tool which is removable. You can slot in a cotton pad & use this on ‘clean’ mode. Remove makeup before this step – I use my daily toner on this. The metal plates become warm – they can heat up to 42°C. It just helps pores to open up & get the dirt & grime out. You can use the red or blue LED light alongside this & it has a timer for 5 minutes of massaging.

Then there is a ‘cool’ mode. This encourages the pores to tighten up & also tightens the skin. Use this without the cotton pad – just the bare metal plates. In every setting it suggests a serum or moisturizer help the tool glide over your skin. I found that it just dragged & didn’t feel good for my skin if I didn’t use a moisturizer. This setting is 2 minutes & again can use red or blue LED alongside.

Next, it is the ‘EMS lifting’ mode. This mode felt so freaking weird. This stimulates muscles & helps smooth wrinkles. EMS is micro-currents that feel like little shocks to your muscles. It didn’t aggravate my skin, it just made my muscles almost feel like they were jumping underneath. If I moved it too close to my eye area, it would cause my eyes to twitch! This one has a 5-minute timer too.

Then there was the ‘moisturizing’ mode. Probably my favorite mode sounds boring – I know! But this mode helps your skin absorb the product in full. I normally use a few drops of my retinol with this mode. I’ll pat it into my skin & then run over it with this for 5 minutes. The plates get warm with this mode too so it really feels like a luxury face massage too! I alternate with blue & red light daily just to get both benefits!

The instructions also explain how ion- import passes a weak electric current so vitamin c & water-soluble based ingredients are ionized & delivered to the dermis layer of the skin & the ion+ export helps remove dirt & clogged pores.

To conclude, I absolutely love this product! If you’ve been dying to try LED light therapy, but don’t want to break the bank, I definitely recommend this. It’s ergonomic, so super easy to handle & amazing to travel with too – it takes up hardly any space. It’s definitely helped my products sink in a lot more & I feel like my skin is more plump & hydrated because of this. As far as the LED benefits go, I cannot say that they have changed my life yet as I believe this is something you have to stick to as an ongoing routine, but I love using them, knowing they are benefitting my skin in the long run!

Go check them out here – they have free worldwide shipping & most definitely worth a try!