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Hi guys! I am so excited to write this blog post because I have finally tried a blackhead removal scrubber and.. it works wonders!

ANLAN gifted me their popular scrubber which helps cleanse your pores and remove blackheads. This is such a great and affordable device to invest in, and it saves you money from having to go get facials to remove blackheads. I wanted to use this product for a month before writing a review, as it gave me time to really see the results.

I’ve been using my scrubber at home once a week and have noticed such a difference, especially around my nose area where I have typically have blackheads.

My nose has never felt more smooth after the last month of using this product. I use skincare products every day, including moisturizing my skin everyday, using serums and toners and I use face masks frequently. However, because blackheads are trapped in your pores, it is more difficult to have them removed so I would usually go for removal appointments and get facials.

Now that I’ve been using my ANLAN Scrubber, I haven’t gone for an appointment in a month! This saves me the time and money, and instead I’m able to take care of my skin in the comfort of my home. Prior to using this, you want to make sure your face is damp, I washed my face and left it damp. Throughout the process, I used toner and finished with serum.

The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is super easy to use and I highly recommend investing in this product, you won’t regret it! It comes in pink, green and white and, you can use my code ‘DAVNEET’ to save 20% off on your purchase.